1. How do I get to the FBK Stadium?
With public transport A Keolis shuttle service is available between Hengelo Central Station and the FBK Stadium on Sunday 4 June.

More information will follow.

By bike
The FBK Stadium is easily accessible by bicycle. Bicycles can be parked at the designated places at the stadium.

By car
If you come by car, follow the signage to the parking options. Please note that there is limited parking at the stadium.

Address FKB Stadium: FBK Stadium Kuipersdijk 46 7552 BJ Hengelo

2. Where can I park?
If you come by car, follow the signage to the parking options. Please note that there is limited parking at the stadium. Try to travel together as much as possible!

3. The parking lot is full, now what?
If the parking lot is full, you can park in the area around the FBK Stadium. Try to travel together as much as possible to avoid parking problems!

4. Where can I find the shuttle bus stops between the station and the FBK Stadium?
The boarding point at the station is located at the bus station, TVV (Train Replacement Transport) stop. 

1. Do you still sell tickets at the door?

Yes, we sell tickets at the door. Please note that it is cheaper to buy the ticket online in advance via www.fbkgames.nl. Online ticket sales close at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning, June 4.

2. Can tickets also be scanned from a mobile phone?
Yes, it is possible to scan it via your phone.

3. Can I get a refund for my ticket?
No, tickets are non-refundable.

4. Can I resell my ticket?
That is allowed. Make sure you do this via a secure platform.


1. Where can I find the toilets?

The toilets are located behind the following stands: start stand, finish stand and family stand.

2. From what time is the stadium open?
The stadium opens at 2:00 PM

3. Can I leave the stadium/stand in between?
Yes, you can! Always keep your ticket at hand and watch your belongings when you move.

4. I am disabled, what facilities are there?
There are disabled seats and toilets in the stadium. In addition, parking spaces are reserved for the disabled.


1. When does the pre program start?

The pre program starts at 3:00 PM.

2. When does the main program start?
The main program starts at 5:00 PM.

3. When do the FBK Games end?
The FBK Games ends at 7:45 PM.

4. Where can I find the program?
Information will follow.

5. I can't come to the stadium, how can I still follow the FBK Games?
Information will follow.


1. Where can I get food and drinks?

Behind the main grandstand and family grandstand you will find Food Plazas where you can get food and drinks.

2. How can I pay for the food and drinks?
You can pay by card or cash.


1. I have a complaint/compliment.

Where can I send my feedback? Complaints or compliments can be reported to the organization. You will recognize us during the event by shirts/jackets with the FBK logo. Mailing is of course also possible. Send your email to info@fbkgames.nl.


1. I have found/lost something, now what?

Report this at the information desk directly at the beginning of the forecourt of the stadium. After the event you can contact us via: info@fbkgames.nl. The organization accepts no liability for loss of or damage to your and/or other people's property.

2. Can I bring professional photo equipment into the stadium?
Yes that is allowed. However, broadcasting images of the matches is not allowed.

3. Where can I find the house rules?
You can find our house rules here: https://www.fbkgames.nl/Visitors/House Rules

4. My child has fallen and I need a patch
First aid is available around the stadium to help you with this.

5. I lost my child
Report this immediately to the organization or to the Information Desk. You will find the information desk at the beginning of the forecourt of the FBK Stadium. You can recognize the organization during the event by the shirts/jackets with the FBK logo.