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About the FBK Games

The FBK Games

...heritage of Dutch Sport. Named after athlete of the century: Fanny Blankers Koen. The world's most innovative athletics event. It has become an indispensable part of the international top sports calendar for more than 40 years: every year Olympic champions, world champions and talents flock to Hengelo to measure themselves against each other. A unique place for Dutch top players to compete in front of their own audience at world level. During a professional competition, with the presence of live TV (Studio Sport), the writing and photographing press, world top players and an audience of about 10,000. The FBK Games is a special event for young and old, where you get to experience real top sport.


For years, the FBK Games has not only been an entertaining top sporting event with a friendly atmosphere and fun side activities. We are also a catalyst for recreational sports in the region. Top sport inspires and we want to implement that. Think, for example, of the FBK Double Mile, a tradition on the running calendar for years. Or FBK School Athletics, where we attract about 1500 students to the FBK stadium to get acquainted with athletics.


In view of the social challenges we face, we consider it our duty that the FBK Games are not (yet) known as an inspirator and 'firestarter' of vitality and exercise. In addition, as the world's most innovative athletics event, we see opportunities to develop and connect to innovations. Especially when you consider that the region of Twente, where the FBK Games is housed, is known for its modern manufacturing industry High Tech Systems and Materials, the chemical and ICT floating sectors.